Vision :

   The  vision  of   Emkkay Security And Labour Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.  is  to become  a high quality private security provider agency by 2020, through sustained training of rank and file, commitment, trust, client satisfaction and strict adherence to State/Industry statutory norms.

Mission :

    To   identify   competent youth not privileged enough to receive higher education,  provide   them   the   much needed employment, train hard and convert them into a highly  dedicated,   disciplined   and   dependable private security   force   who  may become useful   members   of   the   society,   as also the most trusted custodians of varied security needs the world over.

Objectives :

1. Planned selection and recruitment of appropriate security guards (SG)
2. To provide training to security guards with latest security techniques, gadgetry     and equipment handling
3. Delegation of responsibility to improve quality
4. Frequent monitoring of SG duties performance, both during the day and night
5. Prompt action on any client feedback
6. Create a strong back-up force (reserve)
7. Meet all client security needs and thus be a trustworthy services provider.
8. Procure and deploy latest security related equipment and gadgetry
9. Strict compliance of Govt. regulations and meet all statutory obligations related     therewith.

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